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Author Topic:  Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale  (Read 524 times)

Marina Fürst

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on: December 08, 2016, 01:31:45 AM
Hey there and hello!

First of all I'm sorry if my questions got already answered but I really used the search option with different combos and couldn't find a thing.

And after searching for 10mins with a feverish, squirmy, teething and sleepless babygirl in my arms I gave up and hope that you can help me, as this game (among others) is the only thing that brings me through the 4th sleepless night in a row. *sighs*

So, I chose Leon's route (and looooooove him!!! Don't tell my hubby though ;P) and want the Royal Ending. My gosh, the CG is sooooo beautiful!!!

By now I know that it is best to get a default ending first *sniff* because of the Golden Login Sheet.

First question:
Does it last "forever" or does it expire after a certain time or when I chose another prince?

Second question:
To get the royal ending do I have to buy every "Sweet Memory" and every premium route/Avatar? Are these raising his affection?

Third question:
If I have to buy the memories and do so while opting for the default ending, will they still increase his affection when I take his route again?

Fourth and last question:
Since his route got rereleased, are the answers from old walkthroughs still correct?
(If not could you please link me the most reliable walkthrough? Prettypretty pleeeeeeease?)

Thank you so so so soooo much for reading this and helping me out!
- Or helping me saving my sanity and at least some of my savings |D 

I would really appreciate if I don't have to spend too much real money on items I don't need for the RE. Diapers are damn expensive! ^

Thanks again and have a great day! <3


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Reply #1 on: December 08, 2016, 05:09:06 PM
1. I don't know which one you referred to. If it's Gacha for Royal Ending, it just stay there for 3 days only
And if it's Royal Ending, as long as you don't finish the story yet, and not making Royal Gacha come up, you can stay in that place forever while  switching to other prince story
After that you can go back to continue Leon story
Just remember, every time you switch route or re-play a route, you need certain ticket which usually  only you get after finishing a route

2. To get Royal Ending, you don't need to buy sweet route
Only having sufficient amount PLUS Rare Item from ROyal Gacha (which usually the wedding dress) that you need to spin with gacha ticket
Make sure you have enough to buy all item first since Arithmethic always  made us get the dress the last (if I'm not wrong you need to prepare 8-9 gacha tickets)
And Sweet memory and premium item doesn't raise your affection, only your charm

3. The same answer, memories doesn't raise your affection. If anything, the one raise your affection is item from spinning HIS gacha from garden AND item from Royal Gacha which having affection attached to them
You can also raise his affection by spinning certain gacha (try to check every gacha available)
and to get them you need gacha ticket, too

4. I saw his route been renewed so I don't know if old answer still applicable here
If you don't see here, try to go to otome obsessed website

Since it's been long time I play this game, I kind of forgot how we get gacha ticket
Did we get it one from login sheet or only from ranking in the event
Anyway...the one I know hard to get in this one is closet space
There's no one in the login sheet (even the gold one), only 5x closet from ranking in event and sometimes from special gacha that give you 20x closet
still...we'll need more gacha ticket for that one...and it's kind of gambling when we'll actually get what we want

Good luck there
You don't have to pay any penny to play this game as long as you patient enough to get freebies from doing something...currently they will push you seeing some video (then you get 1 coins)
or if you diligent enough to rank in every event

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