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Kokoro Cafe News / Re: [Event/Giveaway] Birthday Giveaway Winners!
« Last post by KellieReed on June 19, 2021, 04:07:23 PM »
This year's anniversary giveaway winners are...
Grand Prize - Sakuragawa
Runner up - demiangelz
Congrats to the both of you!!!
I will be contacting both of you soon regarding what you won.
For those of you who have not had the chance to check out the KC boy's responses to the Q&A, you can view them here:
IHeartKC - Peter's Profile
Zzzzz - Nick's Profile
MasterofCakes - James' Profile

drhngftj - Tiri's Profile
:bday2: Once again, thank you for making this phen375 site what it is today! :heart:
If Ford truly has a cornerstone automobile, it's the Mustang. One could, of course, reason the Model T, or even Thunderbird, as more suitable candidates

General Discussions / Re: Drop by and say hello
« Last post by kokoro-cafe on May 11, 2021, 03:12:41 AM »
@Sakuragawa I want to travel so bad... this is the longest I've stayed put in one place since like.... ever!

The spam on here is so bad..... :wry: Thinking of shifting from just forum to wordpress with a forum. Doesn't make sense to have a forum as the major part of the site anymore. But if I do I have to convert everything to do that. So much work and so little time but it really needs to be done.

Not sure how many of the walkthroughs on here are even relevant anymore. So many otome games have come and gone already. Hard to keep up!

I'm now just waiting for the newest Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side to come out for Switch. My first otome game lol. :love: In the meantime I've shifted away from palace harem games (spent waaaaaaaaaay to much money trying to keep my rank) to like animal crossings which is arguably costing me more money lol I totally blame my best friend for this addiction. She got me totally hooked, it's so bad~~ :wry: And my island looks like a dumpster!

General Discussions / Re: Drop by and say hello
« Last post by Sakuragawa on March 28, 2021, 07:43:41 PM »
@kokoro-cafe Hey KC, I'm doing fine, don't wanna go out, I like staying home (wow another year already)

I'm sad that Midnight Cinderella isn't getting updates anymore, tho the JP version seems to still be active :sigh:

I'd say my most played otome game right now is Court of Darkness from Voltage. I've also started playing Rune Factory 4 on Switch, I find it fun but a bit stressful cuz there's so much to do in a day haha.

Good luck with the site renovations :grin2:  (damn all the spam messages...)
General Discussions / Re: Drop by and say hello
« Last post by kokoro-cafe on February 25, 2021, 10:45:33 AM »
@Sakuragawa It's been a crazy year~~ hope you are still doing well! I've been so busy... Played some palace harem games that have romance routes but that's like all I've had time to play. :wry: Will be renovating this site when I have the time.
General Discussions / Re: Drop by and say hello
« Last post by Sakuragawa on July 18, 2020, 11:56:40 PM »
Hey KC, good to hear that you're doing well. I'm fine and playing otome as always. :wave:

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you all our latest project, Sword Princess Amaltea - A Matriachal Fantasy Visual Novel!


This is Visual Novel is a continuation of the Manga series of the same name. It picks up right where the manga left off but dont worry, you dont need to have read the manga to follow along in the story.
This is the story of Princess Amaltea and her companion Prince Ossian. The adventure starts with our protagonists on the run, where they end up is up to you :)

We are hoping to make a great adventure, and the Kickstarter has already reached two of its streach goals!
Please have a look, on the kickstarter page you will also find a link to the free playable Demo, that covers the first part of their adventure.

I hope you enjoy!
General Discussions / Re: Drop by and say hello
« Last post by kokoro-cafe on March 18, 2020, 02:54:13 AM »
@Sakuragawa welcome back lol I've been so busy the last couple of years. Hardly have time now.

@Nobodyknows Oh, can't believe I missed your post. Doing good, marriage has been amazing. Love my hubby so much! Have been super busy at work, hard to find time for anything lately I feel like between that and our new cat. We adopted the cutest kitten and she's full grown now but a total handful and loves to force us to cuddle with her at all hours. Also very, very vocal and talks back to us all the time when she knows she's not suppose to do something. Such a little troublemaker but we love her and when she force cuddles us it's hard to push her off cus she's too cute.

How have you both of you been?
General Discussions / Re: Drop by and say hello
« Last post by Sakuragawa on January 05, 2020, 06:39:23 AM »
Oh no, it's been too long since I've checked back. Surprisingly I'm still playing otome :giggle:. Still playing Cybird's games. A3! is fun and the anime will be airing soon. Happy New Year. I'm glad the site is still around.
General Discussions / Re: Drop by and say hello
« Last post by Nobodyknows on December 12, 2019, 03:18:51 AM »
It's been a while. Again :)
That's strange, I had never been a significant member of this forum, no one even remembers me, yet I keep coming back. I'm a nostalgia sucker, I guess. Though I think one "lives in the past" only when he doesn't have gripping present. So, how's everyone doing? Are you still playing? Did you get married and left otome or do you still find time for this? If you do, how do you manage your time?


How has it been for you? Marriage is a new expirience. I hope you're doing great ^_^
Otoge Project Classifieds / Searching for people!
« Last post by maka-san on November 05, 2019, 02:57:35 PM »
Hi, everyone! My name is Maka-chan, not my real name of course, but I liked being called like that.
Soon I will start a company, its objective is creating several otome games. But, for now, is just the beginning, so I want to search for more people to join since it will be lots of work and too much time doing it on my own.
Im a programmer, and I can draw too, pretty well actually. I also write. I studied also digital marketing. My stories are good, not clichés, I like deep charachters and deep stories too. 
Even though I can do it by myself I want some other little brains like me. I suck at background sceneries drawing, and I also suck at coloring stuff, wether its digitally or by hand. 
So Im looking for other people to make great things and improve my defects, like, complementing ourselves.
Im too deep and serious so sometimes I cant write a script with a funny dialogue, and its important to have some comedy.

Well, if you can draw and colour background images and my drawings too, think you have imagination, love the otome world, and want to make a friend like me, too... please, write me! :) 

Although this may not seen so serious, jokes aside, it is indeed. This will be a company in the future. I dont want to do just one proyect. So please join me just if you know that this will compromise you a little~

Well, if anyone is interested, you can contacte me from here and then we can talk more about it!!

Happy gaming guys~~ 
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