Kokoro Cafe runs on paid hosting in order to keep things stable so that we can have little to no mysterious downtime. We do run ads on the site to supplement the missing amount in case donation money is not enough to cover the hosting cost but there are other places ad money can be better served, in many cases making the site more fun and user friendly for everyone. 

So if you guys are feeling generous and you feel this site has helped you, please consider donating to keep this site going. :heart:

*****Please note*****

I have restructured the donation system. Instead of listing out what percent of the money goes where, you can now choose the project your money goes towards. Please keep in mind Paypal does take a cut out of every donation. To check the exact amount the site received you can take a look here.

There is also an option of browsing ad-free with an ad-free subscription. Just donate $3/yr and you will not see the ads. See the left hand panel to subscribe now!


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Thank you gift to donator's who contribute $1 or more

My artist friend Bix707 and I have created a Kokoro Café wallpaper for those that have donated $1 or more.  This is a small thank you present for all of those that have so kindly decided to support the forum. Sizes are available for mobiles devices and desktops.  You can access the download section here or locate the V.I.P Donator's Booth in board index after you have donated (Important: do not check remain anonymous option if you would like access to this section).


 :heart: :heart: :heart: Thank you for your support! :heart: :heart: :heart: