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Title: [Game] If you were the MC
Post by: LadyAyaRose on April 08, 2014, 04:04:49 PM
So this is a little interactive thing, that was originally if you where a certain person in a movie. But I tweaked it to fit these type of needs.

Basically pretend (if you don't already) to be the MC in various otome games. I've added more than Voltage games, for more variety. And try and truthfully reply who you would actually go for in real life. A lot of the time these games you actually choose the guy, but others like SND and OTBS they guy comes to you. So pretend there that you actually choose them. Lol.
Though you haven't played a certain you can just randomly choose if you want to, or choose for looks. :tongue:
Though someone suggested me to add the ones that are only available in Japan. So I've decided to add 2 of them.....As mainly they where the only ones I watched the anime for. Hah.

 :bulb: Basically the choice more of less that comes after the prologue. Not by the guys routes. The choice that makes you head down the Love Boat. Who would you go for at first glance...:>

Games - You can just copy and paste the below for aid.
Kissed by the Baddest Bidder -
Dreamy Days in West Tokyo -
My Sweet Bodyguard -
Our Two Bedroom Story -
Kiss of Revenge -
Love Letter from a Thief X -
Pirates in Love -
Be My Princess -
Seduced in a Sleepless City -
Class Trip Crush -
Office Secrets -
10 Days With My Devil -
A Knights Devotion -
In Your Arms Tonight -
My Forged Wedding -
Serendipity Next Door -
My Sweet Prince -
Destiny Ninja -
Ninja Love -
Those Extra Ones ------->
Diabolik Lovers -
Amensia -

Well then I'm going to answer all of them. I am going to be truthfully here. ----- Might end up saying some odd spoilers here and there so you been warned. :>

----Aya's Answers----

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder - Eisuke ----- Mainly due to if I was this MC and went through all that then got given the choice on who would buy you....I would not say anything because of well shock? Mostly I would say what? And have really odd inner turmoil, and judging by Eisuke's episode one you end up with him if you don't say nothing.

Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - Ichigo ---- Hmm, speaking in the eyes of someone who actually has child hood friends, this has just got weird......But hey you have a choice after the main prologue to basically help out at one of their shops.. I was edging towards flowers (because I love the smell of them in flower shops) But CAKES...how can you pass up cakes? Even when reading parts where they introduce the sweet stuff I have an urge to eat it../drools. I'm pretty sure I would get fat, but hey at least it be tasty. I'm such a glutton.

My. Sweet Bodyguard - Subaru ---- Originally I had a inner thought of choosing Kaiji. But if one of my old friends where willing to die for me I be a bit stretchy about it, as I wouldn't want them to get hurt because of me....and so on and so on. So personally I would go for the one that could handle himself, and well the boss is a little bit frightening at first glance? Lol, plus Sora and Mizuki I would state their two weird and wouldn't want them 24/7 hah. But a bonus he has my horses name. Hah

Our Two Bedroom Story - Shusei ---- Okay, so this is one of the ones that you don't manually choose. But judging by their activities and personalities, I've edged towards him. Mainly due to because of his hobby. I'm such a gamer on many levels and hell he has a 360 and a kinetic in his room (judging by his background). Though if he ends up winning, well dam I hate to be him when I "Nerd Rage"

Kiss of Revenge - Junpei ---- Ehhh, this was hard. But mainly went with him because I have friends like him. So terrible...Can't believe....Such a sham....Really terrible.....The MC personality is the total apposite to me. #fail

Love Letter from a Thief X - Takuto ---- I have a friend who has his exact personality, not 100% but very similar.... It's weird I choose him because of that. Well since I hate being in the action constantly, Takkun was an obvious choice, but I think I might of strangled him because of his tsudereness however.

Pirates in Love - Thomas ---- I haven't played this one much, so I'm judging by it's prologue. Alan was one of the less frightening ones, and I might actually feel comfortable with him. #Failed again

Be My Princess - Glenn ---- One of the other ones where the guy "goes" to you first. So I had to choose Glenn, friend reasons once again #noticing a trend here.  Keith would've had been back handed by me by now, I would go mad with Will, Edward I might've actually strangled him if he said something weird again lol. Rob is a little too "Happy Go Lucky" and hyperactive for me IRL and with Josh I love cats...And I'm pretty sure he would have died of a heart attack because I want to be the old lady with lots of cats. So I'm left with Glenn, and I get the odd feeling I would have died of cuteness with Alan being there as well, so technically I got the short straw. Lawl.

Seduced in a Sleepless City - Yuzuki ----  Eeeehhhh. Some of these are hard. Only went with this as I prefer actors as a whole when you choose a job...There weren't a singer so that was the second choice...#That sucked so much

Class Trip Crush - Taketo ---- Originally I thought saying Yasuto....But he is my brother in a nut shell, every time he appears he ends up doing what he does. That be just plain weird. So his brother had to do probably because I've actually been hit with a ball before. The guy said sorry but I still went back again after seeing him again to give him an ear full, so really that's what I would end up doing. Homare is a tad too smart for me. (Lol), Kanji too loud and Nagisa is too docile and got the feeling that he is a secret psychopath with a chain saw. (my first thought)

Office Secrets - Toransuke ---- #Failure. Never finished the guys route on this and can't remember what this one is about, said the first guy that pops in my head. #Shamless

10 Days With My Devil - Kakeru ---- Okay, well. Hmmm. If I was giving this choice I would go for someone that looks familiar to me, so that makes it Kakeru. Was on the bench with Haru because I like dogs too, but him himself made me think twice. Shiki fulfills the psychopath with a chainsaw again as that's what I regard really quiet people. Satoru would have had a restraining order on him by now Lawl and Megaru I would regard he had a hidden agenda.  

A Knights Devotion - Ken ---- This would be a little different than MSB as the friend has been round a while. I would originally still be in more of a shock and would just instantly say Ken, as I do believe getting told your a princess is more of a shock than getting told your a prime minsters daughter.  Lol.

In Your Arms Tonight - Genji ---- Friend trend again....My friends do seem to dominant my life. However I haven't dated any of the ones I know of, so in retrospect I'm doing this in a thought who I prefer to comfort me. Huh, hah. Though Aiba was another choice, but if I turn Genji into one of my friends right now I prefer him over Aiba. I couldn't have tended with Koichi, Kiyoto a little too much to handle and I would have no idea how to approach Kippei. Lol

My Forged Wedding - Haruka ---- I do believe when you go on the other guys you initially deny "marrying" correct me if I'm wrong but huh, that's what I would actually do if that's right. Ren = Chainsaw guy ones again lol Yamato = Back handed Saeki is a bit too up front, Yuta too loud, Takao reminds me of my dad and Kuni is a little weird. But hey Like I said before I love flowers...And besides I am clumsy so I'm going to end up knocking over more than that vase...Kiss Kiss Fall. In Love! Lols

Serendipity Next Door - Izumi ---- one word..Animals. Need to say more? But then again I do like singers....But not as much as animals...#Really Random

My Sweet Prince - Alvah ---- This was was on the retrospect that when he first see him he didn't appear to have a agenda (according to me) Nagit is a bit "handful" ? Chezem = Hidden chainsaw ? (Lol sorry) and the others where intimidating for someone like me. Though Alvah is a bit hyper but he suited to myself in a first glance

Destiny Ninja - Hyosuke ---- Huh a bit hard. /Barely played everyone's routes. I like the first glance happy people...But not the Hyperactives or Happy go lucky. Oh wow #Failed so much

Ninja Love - Sasuke ---- Another hard one.....Went with one that seemed easier to be around with. Huh. Well that sucks. #Failed Again

Those Extra Ones -------> See I'm doing them....#Fail so much though
Diabolik Lovers - Shu ---- Hmmm, someone who prefers to do nothing other than sexually harassing you at first glance...Lol Shu would be a better option and besides I'm kinda lazy too so we can be lazy together, and we can celebrate our birthday together whilst doing nothing. huh, haha. And besides Ayato would have been back handed a few times, Raito would have to pick his manly bits of the floor, Kanato is too creepy, Reiji.......Such I don't know how to explain and Subaru....I will just give him a stress ball....I personally don't wanna be his stress ball that much. And personally I would die of blood lose before anything else because of err reasons and not that other reason. Pfftt lol.

Amensia - Shin ---- #Yep I failed. Shin is what a nice friend....#Friend thing again. So erm default? Toma however rubs me the wrong way well originally, lol sorry.....I did fail really badly here.

----After Note----
Creating this in my own eyes as the MC a lot of these turned out to be the official route I actually played through first. I like many of the ones I said I would personally wouldn't go with in real life, but I prefer those stories/guys as a third person which I end up doing anyway, so doesn't bother me that much anyway.... :blush2:

So hope you enjoyed reading my weird type of rant, and I would love to hear your choices  :grin: