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Author Topic:  Love Live  (Read 966 times)


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on: August 04, 2015, 06:45:13 PM
...School Idol Festival.

The 11th Score Match is going to begin in over half a day, so I just decided to create a topic for the game in general. Who else is playing? I am aware that there are other members at the cafe who also play this, but it is not like I ever really talk about it at length with anyone who does.

In any case, I am only a casual player who began playing... a few months ago...? However long it took me to reach Rank 88 while not being driven enough to play everyday. I play too many otome games to keep up with rhythm battles, and the competition in this app is leagues more intense than what happens in free mobile otoge because there are obviously exponentially more players (and more players mean more whales). Besides, I am completely certain that this game will increase my chances of critical carpal tunnel if I am not careful. The more difficult Hard, Expert, and Super Hard Expert levels are physically painful, especially when I do not have the sight-reading skills or reflexes, and I do not have characters at high enough Skill Levels to compensate.

I never watched the anime, and I really do not care to, but I knew of this franchise because of certain doujinshi that I would read. Even so, I held back. Rhythm games always looked difficult because of DDR and Osu, trading card games risked me wanting to collect them all, and the art style and music in Love Live not exactly to my taste. It combined four things that I have never been that into. School settings, idols, slice of life, and gimmicky females. Gosh. The story mode in this game is so boring! I stopped reading any of the main story after Chapter 3. Thank you, fast-forward button. In the end, I just want to gain more songs to play because I do like listening to some. Not very many. Too cheery with their gimmicky voices. If it hadn't been for this game, I would probably have only heard some of these scores on occasion on the radio.

One of the features I appreciate about this game is that the event prize cards are not entirely exclusive to events, so players who began later can still win them by narrow chance in Scouting. Cards can be deleted for Gold, but you still retain a record of them in an album. It is reasonably easy to get more Love Gems, but this game is quite a time suck. Points grinding and member Practice. Each song is something like three minutes, give or take, and replaying the same songs I do not like is not ideal~

Yeah, so...
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